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Volunteering at EYH

EYH is only possible thanks to the time and effort of many Cornell graduate and undergraduate volunteers who contribute each year. If you're interested in helping us put on the best conference possible, please consider volunteering for the conference! It's a great experience, you'll get free food and a shirt, and you can put it on your resume.

There are many four main ways to volunteer with EYH, each with different requirements and time commitments:


Description: Buddies spend the day with a girl who does not have an accompanying parent, being the role model for the girl and making sure she gets to all her workshops.

Open To: Cornell graduate and undergraduate women.

Time Commitment: 7:30am-5:00pm on April 18, 2020.

More Info: Buddies page.

General Volunteers

Description: On the day of the conference, EYH needs many volunteers to help with things from signing students in to setting up food to pointing parents in the right direction.

Open To: anyone affiliated with Cornell (undergraduates, grads, postdocs, faculty, staff, etc.)1.

Time Commitment: A few hours on April 18, 2020 (based on your availability).

More Info: General volunteers page.

Workshop Leaders

Description: Workshop leaders are in charge of designing and running EYH's many workshops. These are the core of the EYH experience and provide hands-on experience with how interesting and exciting STEM can be. Workshop applications are due in November before the conference.

Some workshops also need extra volunteers to help run the activities on the day of the conference; workshop volunteers can sign up directly with Workshop Leaders or contact the Workshop Chairs.

Open To: Cornell graduate students2.

Time Commitment: Workshop proposal in November, workshop prep in April, and all day (~7:30am-5:00pm) on April 18, 2020 to set up, run, and clean up your workshop.

More Info: Workshop Leaders Page.

Committee Chairs

Description: Committee Chairs work throughout the year to make sure every aspect of the conference runs smoothly. Check out the chairs page for more info on what chairs do. Chairs are chosen in the fall before the conference.

Open To: Cornell graduate students.

Time Commitment: Chairs work on EYH throughout the year. The exact timing and amount of work varies by position.

More Info: Contact the conference chair.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of volunteers are needed?
EYH is entirely run by volunteers! Conference and Committee Chairs, Workshop Leaders, Science Demonstrators, Buddies, and General Volunteers are all Cornell-affiliated volunteers.
How do I register to volunteer?
To register as a general volunteer or as a Buddy, fill out this form: Register to Volunteer. To volunteer in another capacity, contact eyh@cornell.edu
What’s the difference between a Buddy and a general volunteer?
Buddies and general volunteers are both vital to the success of EYH. Buddies are typically women, and make the commitment to spend the full day accompanying a conference participant (or two) around campus, attending workshops, and serving as a role model and mentor to an aspiring young scientist. General volunteers may be any gender, volunteer for shorter parts of the day, and can do a wide variety of tasks.
What can Buddies expect on the day of the conference?
On the morning of the conference, Buddies will arrive early (usually around 9AM), check in, and receive breakfast and a t-shirt. Once girls arrive and check in, Buddies will be paired with one or two girls. The Buddy will stay with their assigned girl(s) for the remainder of the day. Buddies and girls will attend workshops, eat lunch, and view demos together. Buddies have the pleasure and responsibility of being a role model for young scientists while also making sure that said youngsters stay safe on campus. At the end of the day, Buddies will say goodbye to their girls as they drop them off at the closing event (usually around 5PM). Buddies are invited to the volunteer reception after the conference.
What can general volunteers expect on the day of the conference?
General volunteers perform a wider range of tasks than Buddies, so every general volunteer’s experience will be unique. After registering to volunteer, you will choose the tasks and times that you would like. We do our best to give you your first choice, but cannot guarantee it. General volunteers are invited to the volunteer reception after the conference.
Are only women allowed to volunteer at EYH?
No! Anyone associated with Cornell is eligible to volunteer. General volunteers may be of any gender, and while Buddies are typically women, EYH is committed to creating an inclusive environment. If you feel you can represent the experiences of women in STEM, please contact us to discuss your eligibility to be a Buddy.
Can someone who is not associated with Cornell volunteer with EYH?
Only Cornell students (undergrads and grad), faculty, and staff are eligible to volunteer with EYH. Anyone NOT affiliated with Cornell cannot volunteer, but can still help out by making a financial donation.
What if I have a severe allergy?
Anyone with (or without) a severe allergy is welcome to volunteer with EYH, but should take appropriate precautions. It is important to alert EYH organizers that you have an allergy. We can order allergen-free meals, but can only assure that they are truly allergen-free to the extent that the food supplier can. In some cases, it might be prudent for the volunteer to bring their own food, or to have an epi-pen on hand.
What if I have a disability?
We welcome people with disabilities to volunteer at EYH. Please communicate with us if you have special requirements so that we can best accommodate your needs.
What are other ways I can help out with EYH?
EYH is a student-organized conference. If you are interested in volunteering as a workshop leader or conference organizer, please contact eyh@cornell.edu.
Can you sign off on my volunteer hours?
Yes, if you bring the appropriate paperwork, our conference chair can sign off on your volunteer hours.


  1. All volunteers must be over 18.^
  2. While undergraduate students are welcome to help design and lead workshops, for liability reasons each worshop application must involve and be submitted by Cornell graduate students. Please contact the Workshop Chairs with related questions.^