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Conference Schedule

This year's Expanding Your Horizons program will take place on Saturday, April 18, 2020.

Virtual EYH

Time (EDT) Presenter Title
9:00 Deanna Kocher
Cornell University
Robots: Sense, Think, and Act!
9:30 Nicole Spiegelman Dicerna Pharma.
Ritchie Patterson Cornell University
Marty Baylor Carleton College
Jessica Lamb MIT / Univ. of MN
Expert Panel: STEM in Academia
10:15 Lois Pollack
Cornell University
Measuring Things You Can't See With Your Eyes
11:00 Cheyenne Peltier
Cornell University
Hands-on Demo
Fun with Fruit: Extracting Strawberry DNA at Home
11:30 Melissa Eblen-Zayas Carleton College
Lilli Morris The College of Wooster
Natasha Holmes Cornell University
Steffany Brown Google
Expert Panel: STEM Education
12:15 Michael Suguitan
Cornell University
Hands-on Demo
Blossom, A Handcrafted Robot
12:45 Samantha Norris
Cornell University
How to Make a (Really) Tiny Robot
13:15 Christina Cordero New Hudson Facades
Leah Crane New Scientist Magazine
Anne LaPointe Cornell University
Abigail Juhl Air Force Research Lab
Elizabeth Kellogg Cornell University
Expert Panel: Careers in STEM
14:00 Kathleen Smith
Cornell University
Hands-on Demo
Bending Light
14:30 Vicki Hansen
University of Minnesota Duluth
Journey to Venus: Earth’s Sister Unveiled
15:15 Shelby Shankel & Luis Melecio-Zambrano
Cornell University
The 3rd R: Recycling and How it Works
15:45 Leah Cole Google
Anum Sheikh Novartis Pharma.
Susana Lopez Corteva Agriscience
Ornella D. Nelson AbbVie
Valerie Wiesner NASA Langley
Expert Panel: STEM in Industry
16:30 Andrea Katz
Cornell University
Solving Life's Mysteries with X-ray Biology
17:00 Cisco Espinosa & Liz Chartier
Cornell University
Hands-on Demo
Build Your Own Edible Cell!
17:30 Rong Yang
Cornell University
Functional Polymers and Bacteria: An Evolving Conversation
18:00 Joshua Tropp
University of Southern Mississippi
Sensors: Where Learning Begins
Check out the Follow-Along Demos page for more information and materials checklists for the hands-on demos!