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Frequently Asked Questions


Who is EYH for?
The EYH community is for anyone who believes that STEM is for everyone, and that by increasing representation in the STEM fields we will achieve greater things together by benefiting from more diverse viewpoints and ideas. For capacity reasons, the EYH conference is for students in 7th-9th grade who have backgrounds that are underrepresented in STEM.
How many students attend EYH?
This year we plan to again host 500 students at the Cornell EYH conference – we increased our capacity from 400 in 2013.
Since EYH at Cornell is so popular why don't you run it twice so more students can have this great opportunity?
EYH at Cornell is entirely run by graduate student volunteers (with the help of the CCMR Education Outreach office). It is an enormous undertaking to organize this one-day conference. It takes more than 9 months of planning by a team of over 30 volunteers and it must be done in addition to the challenging work of our graduate studies. At the moment we feel that running it twice would just stretch us too far, and we would rather run one great EYH conference than two mediocre ones.


How do I register for EYH?
We are using a lottery system to determine who can attend EYH. Students will be able to sign up for the lottery online. We will announce the lottery results Feb. 19, 2023. If you are selected for EYH, we will give you instructions for completing your registration.
Why is the lottery registration system used?
Interest in EYH has grown so much that the first-come first-served model is no longer sustainable for us. The 2013 conference filled up within two hours of the time that we opened online registration. We decided to move to a lottery system in order to give everyone the same chance to attend EYH.
If my child/student is not selected in the lottery, will they be placed on a wait list?
A few students will be placed on a wait list, in case any of the lottery winners are unable to attend or do not complete their registrations. We will let you know if you are on the wait list. You can expect a final decision by mid-March.
What if my child/student cannot make the conference after being accepted?
If you find out that your child/student can no longer attend the conference, please contact EYH Registration at cornelleyhreg@gmail.com and let us know. The registration fee cannot be refunded.
What if my child/student cannot attend the entire conference?
Your child/student may attend as much as the conference as possible. We will still require the registration fee to be paid in full. Please indicate on your registration form which workshop sessions your child/student will be attending.
Can I request that my child/student be assigned to the same workshops as their friend?
Yes, students have the option to request a partner for the workshops. We ask that both students submit the same workshop preferences.
What is group registration?
Group registration allows you to submit a group of students (ranging in size from 2–25) that will be process in the lottery all together, i.e., the entire group will be selected or not as one. This is particularly useful for schools or other groups who organize joint transportation to the conference. The lottery is formatted such that there is no advantage for selection towards either groups or individuals.
How do I register a group?
One group leader will be responsible for submitting ALL the registration information for each member of the group. If you are a group leader, please note that you will need several pieces of information about each student in your group in order to complete your lottery entry. An electronic form containing the necessary information needed from the individual students is available on the registration page.


How much does registration cost?
The registration fee is $25 per student. With this payment, they will receive:
  • Participation in three 1-hour (7th and 8th grade) or two 1.5-hour (9th grade) hands-on workshops, the keynote address, science displays and demos, and a raffle of science-related prizes.
  • One EYH T-shirt
  • Breakfast and lunch for themself and for one accompanying adult (if they do not have an accompanying adult, we will provide a Cornell buddy for the day).
Additional adults can register for $10. Additional T-shirts can be purchased for $10.
What if I cannot afford the registration fee?
EYH offers scholarships to participants who need assistance with the registration fee. You will be able to request a scholarship when you submit your registration form. Ability to pay is not a factor in the lottery selection process.
When is the registration fee due?
There is no fee to enter the registration lottery. If you are selected to attend EYH, we must receive your payment at least 4 weeks before the conference date in order to reserve your spot. This year, payments are due on March 18, 2023.
What forms of payment do you accept?
You can pay with a credit card using our online system, or you can mail a check payment (no cash). We will provide complete payment instructions to people who are selected in the registration lottery.
Are refunds possible?
Unfortunately, the registration fee cannot be refunded.

Accompanying Adults and Buddies

What is the role of the accompanying adult?
For safety and security reasons, we must ensure that every EYH participant has an adult present with them at all times to help them make their way around the large Cornell campus. If you are accompanying a student to EYH, we ask that you stay with them throughout the day.
Will I be able to participate in my child's/student's workshops?
Some workshops welcome parent/adult participation. However, due to budget, time & supply constraints, some workshops will only be able to accommodate the student participants. We advise accompanying adults to check with the workshop leaders before trying to participate in the workshops. Even if adults cannot participate, the workshop rooms typically have a space set aside for adults to sit and observe the workshop.
What else does EYH have to offer adults?
We offer an adult panel discussion concurrent with the keynote address. The adult panel session is an opportunity for parents and teachers to discuss how they can promote the participation of students in math, science, and engineering with prominent women scientists. The panelists will describe their own careers, including how the math and science classes they took in high school and college helped them get where they are today. The session will also include a question and answer period to allow further discussion of topics of interest.
What if my child/student does not have an accompanying adult?
We will provide a Cornell Buddy for the day. A Cornell Buddy is an undergraduate or graduate Cornell student who has volunteered to take the participants to their workshops.
I plan to accompany my child/student to EYH, but I would also like them to have a Cornell Buddy. Is this possible?
We know that spending time with a Cornell Buddy can be a great experience for the students who attend EYH. We would love to provide a Buddy for every participant who wants one, but unfortunately our Buddies are a limited resource. Our first priority is the safety of all conference participants, so we must give preference for Buddies to students who have no accompanying adult. We plan to host 500 students at EYH this year, which will only be possible if many students bring their own accompanying adult.

The Day of the Conference

Is food provided?
Yes, we have a full continental breakfast available consisting of bagels, donuts, yogurt, and fruit along with coffee, juice and tea. Lunch for participants is provided by Wegmans Catering and includes a sandwich, fruit, and cookie of the student’s choosing. To help us prepare in advance for such a large group, lunch preferences are made when participants register.
How are food allergies handled?
Please be sure to note any food allergies or dietary restrictions when registering. We have options like wrap sandwiches, kosher corned beef sandwiches, and salads for those who requested gluten-free and/or lactose-free meals. As Wegmans Catering cannot guarantee allergen free foods, contact us if your child has severe food allergies.
If you have any questions or concerns about food options, please contact the food chair, Destiny Van (dbv25 -AT- cornell -DOT- edu).
What should my child/student bring to the conference?
Please wear comfortable walking shoes and dress appropriately for the weather. While most workshops are indoors, participants will be walking around the Cornell campus to get to their various workshop destinations whether rain or shine. So please plan appropriately and bring a coat/umbrella if the weather forecast includes rain. Some workshops will be held outdoors, too – these are noted in the brochure and online workshop listings. Some clothing suggestions may be recommended for these outdoor workshops – please plan your attire accordingly if you will be participating in an outdoor workshop.
When does my child/student get their T-shirt?
All student participants receive their free T-shirts at the end of conference and after handing in their evaluations. Adults are welcome to purchase a T-shirt of their own at the conference.
How are the workshops for my child/student assigned?
We try to accommodate each participant’s workshop preferences, and most do receive their top choices. But please realize that we need to accommodate nearly 500 students at the conference, so your child/student may be placed in a workshop that was not their top pick or that they may not have signed up for. Who knows, they may discover a previously unknown interest in one of these workshops!
When will my child/student know which workshops they will be attending?
They will find out on the day of the conference. If they enrolled in an outdoor workshop or one that requires them to bring anything, we will notify you ahead of time.
Will there be transportation between the various workshop locations?
Yes, buses are chartered for the day to transport participants and their accompanying adults to several central locations around campus. It is then the responsibility of the accompanying adult or Cornell Buddy to make sure that the participant finds the right room & building location for a particular workshop. For those workshops that are farther off campus, rented vans will transport workshop participants and their chaperones to the location. These vans have specific pick up and drop off locations and times; this information will be provided to the participants who are attending the off-campus workshops
Will the outdoor workshops be canceled if the weather is poor?
No, the workshops occur rain or shine so please wear appropriate clothing. If your child/student is participating in an outdoor workshop, you will receive a list of things to bring to the conference.

If you have any other questions not addressed here, please contact EYH.